5 Home Selling Tips

Here are a few weekly home selling tips.

5 Home Selling Tips

  1. Staging – Will staging sell my house quicker and at a higher price?

Staging a home is definitely a plus but not a necessity. A house is better empty than a mess. Having furniture in a home gives the buyer a sense of what the home will look like and is easier for them to picture their own things in it. When getting your home ready to sell it is a good idea to depersonalize it by taking family photos off the walls and store any personal artwork.

  1. Time of year – When is the right time of year to sell?

In the Reno area we tend to see prices and listings start to rise after the super bowl. Buyers are starting to look back into the market because they have their tax returns coming and have started to save some cash after the holiday season. Summer time has also always been a good time to sell, the kids are out of school and the weather permits weekend tours and open houses.

  1. Price – How do I know if my home is priced right?

Price can be a determining factor on whether your house will sell quickly or sit on the market and become stale. If the home has not had any showings or interest in the first couple of weeks on the market it may be over priced. Consult a Real Estate professional on sales prices and comps in the area. Just because you want to sell your house at a certain price doesn’t mean that it is worth it. A home is only worth what the market is willing to bear.

  1. Sales Team – How can a good sales team help me sell?

A good sales team isn’t just your Realtor! A sales team is made up of your Realtor, Escrow/title, and lender and in most cases the selling agent. A “good” Sales team is one that works well together has constant communication and can anticipate issues before they arise. If your realtor can’t tell you who they work best with and has outstanding relationships with title and lenders get a new realtor!

  1. Marketing – What’s the best way to market my home?

Still to this day the most efficient way to market your home is through the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) it has the most buyer traffic and disperses to other varying sites. Social media has become a very useful marketing tool because almost everyone is on social media. A good Realtor will offer multiple ways that they will market your property! The cheap ones are usually the best.

Hopefully you have found these home selling tips useful.